1.1 What is Readership?

We’re a publishing company controlled by readers. We get that, for whatever reason, you want to do things yourself. You want to put your work out there and see what the world thinks, but so do millions of people. So we’ve created an online space that lets you compile what’s essentially an advert for your book, with no boundary to the creativity you can display with the tools available (including audio and video content).

1.2 How does Readership work?
  • Writers upload extracts
  • Readers votes Yes or No
  • Readers add donations to every Yes vote
  • Every title that reaches its target will be published

1.3 Are you a traditional publishing company/self-publishing company?

We share book extracts with readers and let them choose what we publish. We’re not particularly concerned with what camp that puts us in. Crowd-sourced. Community-driven. Just a company that wants to share stories directly with readers, and put them in charge of what succeeds. It’s all good.

1.4 Are there any hidden fees?

Nope! Readers donate money to the books they’re passionate about. We use that money to promote and distribute the books. The authors pay nothing.

1.5 How do people donate?

Readers click Yes, add their comment, write in the amount they want to donate, then press Vote. At the moment payments are going through PayPal, but we’re looking at adding more payment options in the future.

1.6 How much do people have to donate?

The minimum is £0.99, but you can choose to donate more if you really like it. It’s up to you. When the book’s successful, you, as a donator, will be getting a free copy ahead of everyone else, so whatever you think is a suitable amount for the full book.

2.1 How do I upload my work?

Click here for instructions on how to upload. If you have any queries or issues with uploading please contact info@readershipbooks.com

2.2 What do you publish?

Anything! Everything! Readers decide what they want to read, not us. Click here to see what’s currently being voted on, and the genres they come under.

If there’s a genre we don’t have on our system, and enough people request it, we’ll add it to our list.

2.3 I’m not sure if my book is ready. When should I upload?

As soon as you think your book is as good as it can be. We’ll be posting some tips we hope will help writers, so keep checking our blog for news of that.

2.4 Do I still own the rights to my work if I upload it to your site?

Yes, the rights are yours! If a book reaches its target and we publish it, we will own the digital rights only. But authors can cancel with 60 days’ notice, and will retain their copyright at all times. If a book is on the site and still being voted on, we won’t own any of the rights to the work, and again the author will have full copyright of their work.

2.5 I want to take my book down. How can I do this?

Email info@readershipbooks.com and we’ll take the book down for you. We’ll try not to cry, but we’re not promising anything.

2.6 My work has already been published/is already published. Can I still submit it?

It’s your responsibility as the author to check if you have the permission/right to share your work on our platform.

2.7 I want to upload my work to Readership, is there anything I should know beforehand?

First: the book needs to be written in English.

Second: we love you.

2.8 Can I submit more than one book?

Of course!

2.9 I’ve written a book of poetry, can I upload it?

Our system is built for displaying extracts of prose, but if you can upload your writing in a way that shows off your work, by all means go for it!

3.1 How can I vote?

Click Yes (tick) or No (cross) and give your reasons why. That way our authors know what you like about their book, or what you feel needs some improvement.

3.2 How many votes do I have?

As many votes as humanly possible! Vote enough times (whether Yes or No) and we’ll send you lots of rewards as a thank you.

3.3 Why do I still have to leave a comment even if I vote No?

If someone doesn’t feel a piece of writing is up to scratch, we want them to let the author know why. We want to fix the issue of feedback, which is severely lacking in the industry. We also want our writers to be open to the community's opinion on their work, and this feedback is vital in improving the quality of writing in the online world.

4.1 What target does my book have to reach?

The target for all books is currently £500. We’ll be looking at experimenting with this and querying it with our community to get a target amount everyone’s happy with. In the future we’ll look at implementing the option to choose your target based on what you want from publication. For example, if you already have a cover for your book, we can decrease the target if that cost doesn’t need to be covered.

4.2 When will my book be made available?

Every title that reaches its target will qualify for publication, and it will then be put into our publishing schedule, which is based around ten books a month. We aim to have the book out in 60 days, but this may vary depending on demand. We will also need to allow time for cover design and ebook conversion.

4.3 What does being published by Readership involve?
  • We’ll design a cover for you.
  • We’ll convert the book into ebook formats.
  • We’ll get the book on all major ebook distribution channels.
  • We’ll promote it in every relevant online space.

4.4 Where will my ebooks be made available?

Every major ebook retailer! We’ll get a full list written up soon.

4.5 Will you design a cover for my book?

For titles in the voting stage, we’ll use a default Readership cover for our books (which you can preview by clicking here).

For titles that are successful and published, we’ll design a cover for your book.

4.6 Will my book be in print?

Our focus is on digital books right now, but we’ll be incorporating print editions in the future.

4.7 What retail price will you give the Readership ebooks?

We have a default price of £3.99 for all of our published books, but we’ll take polls from our community to make sure we have a price everyone’s happy with.

4.8 How much royalty will I receive?


5.1 How will you promote my work?

We’ll promote the extracts on the site through online campaigns and community activities (giveaways, bundles, competitions, themed posts). We also have a book club set up, so every week we’ll be sending out extracts to relevant readers.

We’ll also use every online tool we can to promote each book personally, depending on the themes and target audience of each book. We may do this in batches so don’t worry if you’re not contacted immediately to discuss promotion ideas. We know that different stories, with different styles and subject matter, will only have an impact in relevant sections of the online world, so although we’ll be promoting your writing generally (via our book club newsletters, for example), we’ll also look at the work as it comes in and brainstorm ways we can get it in the right spaces.

5.2 How long are books listed on the site for?

Until (a) they reach the target or (b) the book is taken down.

6.1 I have concerns over the content of some of the work on the site. How can I report this?

Contact info@readershipbooks.com with the subject heading "Content concern".

6.2 How can I contact Readership?


6.3 A book I donated to has reached its target but now it's not in the store/I haven't received my copy.

Don’t worry! When a book reaches its target, there will be a brief period where it’s not in either the voting section or buying section of the site. It may take a while for the ebooks to be ready, but when they are you’ll be sent a copy.

6.4 I want to write something about your company, can I have an image of your logo?

Of course! We love you! Click here for a collection of all press material.