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Music #writingremedy

1/29/2015 3:34:31 PM

In which we outline a hero's journey through music

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Finished manuscript checklist #publishedin2015

1/29/2015 9:54:47 AM

In which we try to answer the question, 'Is my manuscript finished?'

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Site tour #publishedin2015

1/27/2015 12:49:37 PM

In which we give you a tour of the site

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How to upload #publishedin2015

1/27/2015 12:02:29 PM

In which we run you through the basics

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Press information

1/27/2015 10:49:52 AM

In which we give you everything you should need if you'd like to write about us

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Launch Day, Part Two #publishedin2015

1/27/2015 10:34:30 AM

In which we try and find the right approach to launching Readership

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Launch Day #publishedin2015

1/27/2015 9:15:05 AM

In which we launch Readership: the official press release

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