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Readership will use SoundCloud to run a writing competition

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7/1/2015 1:47:00 PM

In which we announce our writing competition (with a twist)

Readership, a publisher run by readers, will use SoundCloud to run a writing competition.

Writers can now enter a competition run by Readership that uses both text and audio content.

Readership is asking writers to utilise SoundCloud’s comment feature – one that lets you add comments at specific points in an audio track – to create a compelling scene. So the audio file can be a scene in its own right, but with these comments popping up and giving additional context, it can tell a completely different story – perhaps revealing what the characters are truly thinking during the scene.

For example, if you look at our SoundCloud account here. Imagine that, instead of lovely ambient music, you had an audio clip of dialogue being read out loud. At 0:20 seconds 0:44 seconds, you can see our example comments popup. Imagine if those comments were pieces of narration that changed the meaning of the scene.

Readership is asking for writers to send them the following material:

1. An audio file.

A recording of you reading out lines of dialogue.

For the best results, if your audio scene contains more than one character, it may be worth getting extra people to read out the other lines, so it’s easier to follow the conversation.

Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV or FLAC will be fine.

Most smartphones will have a voice recorder/recording app that should let you do this. Or, if you have a mic or headset you can plug into your computer, you can record using that (we recommend the program Audacity).

2. A Word document.

List the text you want us to use in the comments, and where they should be placed. For example, Insert the comment “A lie”, at 1:31 (1 minute, 31 seconds in).

Examples of potential scenes/starting points:

A couple breaking up (are they hiding the real reason for breaking up?)

Court Room

Police Investigation

Someone using a Lie Detector test

The speech of a leader/king/president

Marriage proposal

Wedding Day

Starting a new job

Audio diary entry

First day of school

Therapy session

Blind date

House party

Bank Robbery

If writers are unable to create an audio track themselves, they can send us the following, and we’ll create something for them:

A Word document with the dialogue to be read out.

A Word document with the comments, and where you want them inserted.

Further details:

It can be any length, but the shorter the better (so it packs a punch). Ideally between 1-3 minutes.

The initial idea is that the audio clip will just be dialogue, and the comment text will act as the narration/additional context for the scene, but this is by no means a strict rule to follow – be as creative as you want in order to create the most compelling scene.

We’ll judge all of the entries and announce our favourites shortly after the deadline. The creator of our favourite scene will get their work promoted on our homepage (where we currently have some lovely birds unveiling our site).

The deadline for material to be sent to is July 31st.

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