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Kathryn and Nick, authors of A Stripe Suited Bumbler Poised for Attack #WriterWednesday

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6/10/2015 11:14:42 AM

In which we interview Kathryn and Nick, authors of A Stripe Suited Bumbler Poised for Attack #WriterWednesday

A Stripe Suited Bumbler Poised for Attack, by Kathryn and Nick

Genre: Humour

Description: A blog comedy about love, escapism and a very public breakdown.

Listen to a short synopsis here:

Thanks for the questions for your Wednesday interview

We tried to provide them as part of an overview

And due to our silliness and fondness of pantomime

We hope you don’t mind that we’ve done so in rhyme

We work as a duo called Kathryn & Nick

Each taking turns at finding the words that click

Double the effort is what we’re guaranteeing

And we just about form a complete human being

We met in ’07 writing copy for cash

For a famous contrarian who was cowboy boot flash

We’ve co-written a novel, some scripts, lots of fiction

Articles, op-eds, funny songs – with conviction

You can find them online and check out our addiction

We still work as writers for big corporations

It might not be fiction, but it is a vocation

We’re paid for our pen-work during the day

Then disappear home to work without pay

The novel we knocked up began life online

Written as a diary and told in real-time

It tells the tale of a man named Greg Goode

A rich Mississippian who is misunderstood

He retires to France for fine country living

But the life that he finds is most unforgiving

The plans that he harboured come quickly undone

And his wife seems intent on kyboshing fun

There’s diets and causes and bringers of doom

Obscure family dramas and plenty of gloom

He’s dressed in the clothes of a twee country gent

Subsisting on wheatgrass in permanent ‘Lent’

So he casts off the shackles of vicious oppression

And launches a plan which becomes an obsession

He’s fighting for freedom, for big trousers and cheese

For mead and for honey and for quick buzzing bees

And he spells out his mission twice weekly online

With madness and singing and plenty of rhyme

The book has the spirit of Rumpole and Wooster

It’s bonkers, it’s witty, it’s ham-fisted bluster

It’s two years of sweat and agro and fluster

It’s all of the effort we managed to muster

We’ve followed some heroes

We’ve channelled them in

There’s laughter, more nonsense

And surreal discipline

Don’t quite believe us..?

Give the damn book a spin

Monday 13th October 2008 – 18.01 (CET)

This afternoon I received an omen so abundantly clear I was almost hurled sideways, Victoria’s words still ringing in my ears, “The chateau is our home, Greg. I refuse to sanction a swarm of insects which could sting our kids to death in their beds.”

- Kathryn and Nick, A Stripe Suited Bumbler Poised for Attack

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