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Sarah Weaver, author of Voreth's Promise Saga (Main Novella) #WriterWednesday

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4/29/2015 9:06:37 AM

In which we interview Sarah Weaver, author of Voreth's Promise Saga (Main Novella)

Voreth's Promise Saga (Main Novella), by Sarah Weaver

Genre: Fantasy | Science Fiction | Young Adult

Description: A porseimiri meets a drug-dealer and his girlfriend, and two other strange lovers to find out who he really is.


Why do you write?

I write as a way of emotionally releasing, using MCs as alter-egos to re-explore youth and friendship. I write in order to come to terms with my life, while exploring new people I meet I could not otherwise within the scope of fiction.


Your writing process:

In my writing process, it has changed over the years. I originally started out as a non plotter. But when I worked this way, while my characters were decent my plots tended to suffer and fizzle out. So I started outlining, this was the era I wrote enough stories to fill a chapter book, that later became part of Voreth's Promise Saga. I wrote Samantha's Gambit, Father Out Of Time, Raised Up I Crouch, Indigo Spacers, Namorift Persona, Uploaded Fairy, Otis The Dreamer, and finally Jonah NumeroHex. When I was writing The Hatchling Song, I eventually I found a good balance, a shared plot structure that encompassed the more natural plot structure of my early stories I'm to do this seeing how I may rework.


Your habits:

I write anything every day, even if it doesn't go into the book: poetry, short stories, flash fiction, screenplays.


Your schedules:

Loosely defined, night owl. Insomnia.


"I remember it as if it were yesterday."

- Sarah Weaver, Voreth’s Promise Saga (Main Novella)


What was your inspiration for writing this book?

For my YA, I'm primarily inspired by science fiction horror manga that I grew up reading as a teenager. For my middle grade, I am inspired by the classics from the nineteen thirties.


What authors have influenced you?

I am inspired by Lynn Okamoto, P.L. Travers, and William Gibson.


Who is your favourite fictional character?



What did you learn while writing this book, and how will you use those discoveries to help you write your next book?

My primarily thing I learned was to accept the past, and not overburdened by it. While not a biography, some characters represent family members I know.


What is the most important thing a book should have or do? And what do you want readers to take away from reading yours?

Not be afraid to approach darker and sensitive topics even in middle grade, but be cautious with it.


Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Turn off the self-doubt, ignore advice from sources of hyper-negativity. Especially avoid writing forums.


How do you define success as an author?

Being able to earn a supplementary income and live within my means. Making a reader smile, whether that's with payment or not.


Your favorite book:

My favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe, his poem The Raven. I'm also fan of Neuromancer and Mary Poppins.


Your favorite scene from Voreth's Promise Saga:

I'm not sure, I don't really think I ever thought about it much.

"Richard had to walk home, and he worried that he would not be home in time for curfew. And then he would earn another lecture from mom. He arrived at the door of his apartment flat, and pressed the code to open the door.
He slammed the backpack on the table, and then walked into the kitchen to grab some mushroom soup. He then tossed it into the microwave, and then sat at the table to do his homework he did not finish in class.
His mind drifted as the wrote down pre algebraic notation."

- Sarah Weaver, Voreth’s Promise Saga (Main Novella)

The hardest scene to write:

The hardest scene was the ending, though I'm not sure to what extent I could reveal that would give away a good surprise.


How you came to be a writer:

I had first read manga, which made me originally want to be a mangka. I knew that I couldn't finish a manga unless I completely wrote out the story first. And eventually I came to almost exclusively write prose, until recently when I started doing more poetry.


Why you chose Readership:

I want my work to go directly to my readers, for them to decide what has merit or not. I chose readership, because I want to put my work directly into the hands of readers, that know what they like better than the legacy professional route.


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