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Kelly Fallows, author of Within the Water #WriterWednesday

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4/22/2015 8:01:14 AM

In which we interview Kelly Fallows, author of Within the Water

Within the Water, by Kelly Fallows

Genre: Science Fiction

Description: A science fiction novel set on a future dystopian Earth, a world which hides dark secrets within the water.

Your writing process:

I’m not entirely sure how I write could ever be defined as anything as structured as a process! The way I like to work is to get an idea of what kind of story I want to write and then I start forming an idea of a character who would inhabit this story. Now with Within the Water the first character I thought of, and who really drove the story in my mind, doesn’t actually appear until several chapters in. But she really breathed life into my general story idea and made it take form. Once I could see her then the other characters started to take shape as did the story itself.


On the day to day basis of actually writing, I don’t like to plan in too much detail. I have general ideas of what major plot points will happen and roughly how it will all end. But that’s it. No detailed outlines, summaries, or synopsis. I write the way I like to read – not knowing what’s going to happen next. If I plan it in too much detail then I lose motivation to write as I know what’s going to happen. I love writing my characters into a corner – they’re trapped with no way to escape – and then finding a way for them to fight their way free. This does make things a little tricky sometimes but I hope it makes for a more exciting story in the end.

"Duncan was pulled sharply out of his musings as his captain threw himself out of the building and into the passageway."

- Kelly Fallows, Within the Water

Your definition of a successful author:

Success as an author is a very personal thing. For me, having completed my novel and actually enjoying reading back is success. Of course there’s the dream of it being published but being happy with what you’ve written and enjoying writing and reading it – that is the real success to me.


Why you write:

I write because I enjoy reading, which does sound a little circular but I write the kinds of books I’d like to read. I hear something or see something and suddenly I’m making up a little story to go with it. Writing allows me to put those stories into something big and more concrete than just musings while I’m on my way to work.


Your favourite book:

My favourite book is Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas – it’s the way that Dumas seamlessly weaves together hundreds of minor plots each with intriguing characters into one spellbinding tale that has me returning year on year to pick up this wonderful book.


Your favourite scene from Within the Water:

My favourite scene to write in Within the Water is what I call my family scene. It sits in between two major plot points that have plenty of action and explosions. It’s a quiet moment when the crew of the Coelacanth come together and you get to see the family dynamics. I had such fun writing the bickering and the banter between them, I have a smile on my face just thinking about it now.

"The Guild was strictly apolitical; it always profited from these little skirmishes but never became directly involved. Its involvement could have major ramifications, which no one wanted to dwell on – theoretically it held power greater than that of the High Chancellor, but it had never chosen to exercise it. No one is sure why the Guild had never utilised this power; there was great speculation that the Chancellor held something over them but no one knew for certain."

- Kelly Fallows, Within the Water

The hardest scene to write:

The hardest scene to write for me actually led to my favourite scene. It’s the moments in between the exciting action scenes, where there’s not really a purpose to them in terms of moving the plot forward. It took me a while to realise that these moments are gifts; they can show the characters in more detail and reveal the relationships between them. And of course they can lead to a lot of fun!


How you came to be a writer:

As I’ve mentioned I love to read and being a writer flowed naturally from that for me. I’ve always had little stories popping up in my head but it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I really started to write them down and let others read them. That was a crucial step; letting other people read my stories. It is an important part of being a writer but it can bring a lot of joy when people like them and the criticism can be helpful too!

"No one really knew what this symbol stood for. Sophie had tried asking the Captain once, but he had merely held it close to his face and stared at it for a long time, lost in some memory."

- Kelly Fallows, Within the Water

Why you chose Readership:

I uploaded my book to Readership simply because I want people to read it. I already feel I’ve achieved my own personal success in having written it, enjoyed it and enjoy reading it back. But there is the dream of other people reading it, enjoying it and talking about it. To know that I’ve written something that others enjoy will be the best feeling; to know they love the characters and want to know what happens to them next is something that I can’t put into words. It’s just magical.

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