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Win Free Books for Life with the Readership Scavenger Hunt #booksearch

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3/26/2015 10:18:39 AM

In which we reveal our bookish scavenger hunt, where you can win free books for life



Our scavenger hunt is now over! Thank you to everyone who took part!

Here's what happened:


Theme: The Lord of the Rings

We hid the code, and tweeted the following clues:

Answer: Facebook.

Where was the code?

Facebook, left in a comment on our profile picture.

Why 3791?


Theme: 1984

Then before we even tweeted any clues, the code was found!

Where was the code?

Soundcloud, left in a comment on our song.

Why 2 + 2 = 5?

1984, of course. The comment was also left on the song at 1:01 (Room 101).


Theme: Harry Potter

Minutes later, the code was found.

Where was the code?

Hidden in our homepage!

(If you're not logged-in, the code is obstructed by our log-in box)

Why 62442?

In Harry Potter, that's the number Arthur Weasley punches in to get to the Ministry of Magic.

(On a predictive keyboard, it spells out magic!)


Theme: James Bond

Where was the code?

Pinterest, of course.

We hid some decoys in the #booksearch board.

And we hid the real code in one of our re-pins.

*Special bonus chance to win*

As a final gift before the Easter holidays, we gave our followers a second chance to win free books for life.

That's all we needed to tweet before one lucky soul found our code, hidden in a Twitter List we had just made.

(The list was called #booksearch, and the description was "3.14159 (Life of)")

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Here's the official press release:

Readership has organised a bookish scavenger hunt, where the winners will get free Readership books for life.

To celebrate the Easter holidays, Readership will be partaking in a bookish scavenger hunt across their website and social media pages. Every day, between Monday 30/03/2015 to Thursday 02/04/2015, they will hide a code on either their website or one of their social media pages. The first person to find the code and email it to will receive free Readership books for life. They will tweet clues until that day’s code is found.

Readership is a crowdfunded publisher, controlled by readers, and it will open up for votes and donations later on in the year. The winners of this scavenger hunt will receive every book that reaches its donation target, for life.

The first code will be hidden on Monday, 30/03/2015.

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