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3/18/2015 2:38:59 PM

In which we outline a critique offer we held in February



One thing we did to celebrate Valentine’s Day was create a dating profile. Look:

We also had the following offer:

Anyone who had a book uploaded to our system by the end of the month would receive a free critique.


We were blown away by the quality of writing uploaded.

Here are a few extracts of what we had to say about the books on our site.


The setup is fascinating and makes for a refreshing read.


The opening line and the following paragraph are both beautiful. They’re eloquently written, and really utilize the fantastical, other-worldly tone that the genre allows.


You tease the fantastical elements very well. You do well to use similes in a way that isn’t cliché.


Absolutely enthralling


This is exquisite, and it’s important to show to the readers that this story will reach these high levels of profound thought


Love the subtle way you build up the quirkiness of the world


Enjoy the informal tone, and the casual way in which the experience is described


Unique, immersive


This submission as a whole is a breath of fresh air, and I think it will be an incredibly refreshing piece for a reader to enjoy on our site. Something that’s original, well-written, and quite niche in its aims.


This is a charming piece. The friendship is the strongest point, so I’m really interested to see how it develops.


It’s effortlessly readable and the pain of the protagonist comes across very clearly.


Overall an incredibly polished piece that has me hooked.


Utterly compelling and does a wonderful job of conveying the truth of the situation and, as a result, makes it all the more heartbreaking


Indicative of a writer who takes real care with each word


A real strength for the opening chapter is in the narrator and the tone through which everything is described. It comes across as nihilistic, detached, dejected and almost-perplexed with the protagonist’s actions. The nihilism almost extends to a fatalistic, inevitable unfolding of events.

So thank you to all of the writers on our site.

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