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Readership will use Minecraft to promote its books

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2/22/2015 11:39:23 AM

In which we announce how we will be using Minecraft to promote the books on our site


*** First video ***

This video outlines how we will use the video game to create our own world of writing:



Here at Readership, we're all about using every tool we can to promote the writing on our site. That's why we're building an extension to our world in Minecraft. We've started things off by building a replica of our logo. So no matter the genre of writing…




Or any other story out there, waiting to be told…

We'll work with authors to create their very own hub, where they can leave extracts of their work for others to find. So when we open our doors to the world, we can share this space with anyone on Minecraft, letting them explore a world full of writing. We hope you can join us.

We'll be using this world to create a fun, interactive experience, where users can go on quests to explore the stories in the world. Using the functionality of the game we will also be building the sets of the stories on our site to help create a unique atmosphere for the reader. Visitors can read extracts of writing, interact with objects relevant to the story, and then come to our site to read more and fund any title that’s piqued their interest.

Sam Rennie, Founder of Readership, said, “This is just one example of how we want to use every online space we can to promote the world of reading and writing. At its core Minecraft is about imagination and creativity, so it’s the perfect medium through which we can discover more ways to promote writing.”

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