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How to upload #publishedin2015

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1/27/2015 12:02:29 PM

In which we run you through the basics

What? You’re ready to upload? Amazing!

So you've made an account, and then you've pressed the "Upload your work" tab at the top of the site, right?

Great. So here’s your upload page.

Some notes: 


You may be thinking, “Ha, I’ll be ticking ALL the boxes to get maximum coverage”. And to that we say: no. If someone’s looking for historical fiction, and you’ve tricked them into reading your fantastical tale of a wizard’s heroic journey to winning The Big Dance Event of the Year, they’re probably not going to be pleased with what you’ve put in front of them.* So pick only relevant genres. Think of other books that fall under the categories, and if you think readers of those novels would be interested in yours, then by all means give it a click.

*That’s not because of the plot. The plot is airtight. Tell me your friend would hate reading about a dancing wizard and I’ll tell you you’re friends with a liar.

Inserting text

You should be able to simply copy and paste your work into the relevant boxes. The opening chapter and second chapter sections have some formatting options for you, so you can amend the layout to your liking.

How it will appear

For examples of the individual book pages, check out our tour of the website.

Note: your book page should be seen as a hub to show everyone how creative you are. There’s space for you to use both audio and video content to help you tell your story. So if you have a book trailer, or a video of you reading your work out load, or an audio clip of the same, or you’ve written a song that complements the story, simply send us a link and we’ll add it to your page:

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